Rhythm Kids Classes

Music Together of Cloquet announces the start of Rhythm Kids in the Summer of 2021. 

Rhythm Kids is our new music, movement, and drumming program that helps children complete the parthway of early childhood music development from birth to age 8. Rhythm Kids is segmented into two classes, Level 1 for children ages 4-5, and Level 2 for children in kindergarten, first and second grades.

Music Together of Cloquet will offer 45 minute Level 1/2 in person classes this Summer, at Community Memorial Hospital (limited class spots). Parents are encouraged to attend to participate knowing that the kids will be showing some independence in their music learning and creating.

The Summer materials will include the Collection songbook/music code for the Hello Everybody App and CD as well as drumming tutorials on the music app to learn all four drumming patterns. 

About the Collection (stay tuned for more info about the Tiger Collection!

                                                    Register for Rhythm Kids here beginning in May 2021