Terms and Conditions

  • No refunds after the first day of class. 
  • Customer cannot receive materials (songbook & CD/access code) until tuition is paid. 
  • We allow 2 make-up classes each semester and will be provided online only or pre-recorded at this time. They cannot be rolled over into a future session.
  • Pro-rated tuition rate for late registration is determined at director's discretion. 
  • No materials or pro-rating are available when only two classes remain in the session, but drop-ins (online only at this time) are available at director's discretion. 
  • Discounts are given at director's discretion, but in accordance with any statements made in print or online. 
  • Materials cannot be waived for a discounted tuition; all paid families receive materials even if they have a set from a previous enrollment. 
  • In the event of inclement weather or other cancellation, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up class. 
  • For in person classes at this time, families will BYOS (Bring You Own Stuff) each session to avoid sharing of instruments/props. In the event that Music Together® may provide instruments/props, as always, the items will be sanitized between each class.
  • For in person classes, families will bring a blanket to indicate to their kids in what space they will participate in class. Markers will be placed on the floor and spaced 8-10 feet apart from one another, so that families know where to place their blanket.
  • Masks will be required to enter Community Memorial Hospital, through the halls, bathrooms and into the classroom.  adults should remained masked throughout the session. Parents will have the discretion to mask children 2 years old and older. 
  • Attendance will be tracked in case of the need to communicate that someone in the classroom was exposed to or has the virus. It will then be determined if the class needs to resume online via Zoom for a period of time.
  • If there is a need to digress from the protocols, please speak to the Director. Other class members will be made aware of any reasons these safety steps need to be altered.
  • Classroom policies are e-mailed before every session, and director reserves the right to enforce these policies. General policies can be found here.

Privacy Statement
By enrolling in a Music Together class at Music Together of Cloquet a licensed Music Together center, you agree that any information you provide will be shared with Music Together Worldwide (MTW). For information about how MTW uses and stores your personal information, we encourage you to review the Music Together Worldwide Privacy Policy.